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Welcome to BBB!

We’re so thankful that you’ve taken the time to check out our Marketing Kit!
In each of the sections below, you can see the different pieces in this years’ collection. To view or download something, simply click on the blue buttons. From there, you will be able to make sure its the file that you want and can download and save it to your computer from there.
If you have any problems downloading files, please let us know!




Use these on Sunday mornings while your congregation is being seated, or during announcements for BBB. There are two different sizes, depending on what size you need for your screen. If neither of these fit your screen, let us know! We will do what we can to get one that fits.




Print these out and give them to your congregation on Mother's Day, along with the bottles! It will help them understand how it works and the impact they will make.
There are not instruction inserts inside the bottles this year, so these are in place of those!




Social Media is a great way to keep your congregation engaged and informed. Below we have a list of the graphics available and the captions that go along with them.


Post #1: BBB Announcement


Post #2: Pick up your bottles


Post #3: $52,000 in 2018


Post #4: Share the love


Post #5: Don’t Forget!


Post #6: Bring your bottle back


Post #7: Thank you!




In this hilarious video, a group of kids tell us what BBB is all about, in the most adorable way possible. Check out the Video Tips for helpful tips and information on video access.


Thank you!

We hope this kit is a blessing to you, as you communicate the mission and heart of BBB to your congregation.

Our team is here to help! So if you need anything, please call us at (231) 929-3488 or email Joanna at

Thank you for all you do!

- The PCC Team