Who is eligible for Pregnancy Care Center's services?

Anyone is eligible for our material services and pregnancy testing. Certain criteria, based on legal issues and standard practices, must be met to be eligible for an ultrasound. We never discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, religion, or material status of our patients.

Does Pregnancy Care Center charge for its services?

No, all of our services are provided for free to our patients.

How is Pregnancy Care Center funded?

About half of our income comes from the donations of churches, individuals, and foundations. The other half comes from fundraisers, such as our Baby Bottle Boomerang. We do not receive any government funding.

Does Pregnancy Care Center offer adoption services?

We recognize the validity of adoption as one alternative to abortion. We are not affiliated with any adoption agencies, and relate to them in the same manner as we do other helpful referral sources.

Is Pregnancy Care Center a Medical Clinic?

Yes, we are an official medical clinic. We meet all of the federal, state, and local requirements. Our Medical Director is a licensed radiologist, and our sonographer has over 30 years of professional experience.

How does Pregnancy Care Center ensure that it follows all of the medical laws and standard practices?

Pregnancy Care Center is an affiliate of several national and international organizations whose purposes are to train, support, and promote a high standard of care at pregnancy centers. Our affiliations include CareNet, Heartbeat International, and National Institute of Family Life Advocates.

Is Pregnancy Care Center a Christian organization?

Yes, we base everything we do at Pregnancy Care Center on the truth of the Gospel. We believe that human life is sacred because it is created by God, and in His image. This value of human life applies equally to the unborn child, and his/her mom and dad.

How does Pregnancy Care Center handle questions about abortions?

Pregnancy Care Center never refers for abortions. Our policy is to always speak the truth in love. We share the facts and associated risks related to abortion, however, we never share any information without the patient’s permission.

Does Pregnancy Care Center distribute contraceptives?

We do not offer contraceptive counseling, distribute contraceptives, or refer for contraceptive services.