The Power of Ultrasound

Recently, a woman came into our office who was strongly considering abortion. She had been sexually active with several men and felt that if the father of the baby was a particular partner, she would carry to term. But, if the other man had fathered the child, she would choose abortion. I am unsure if the patient had completely processed the reality that, in her way of thinking, the timing of conception determined whether the child lived or died.   
When we performed the ultrasound, the mom was faced with the reality that she was carrying a small person inside of her womb.

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She also had to come to terms with the gravity of her decision and its effect on her life and that of her unborn child. By the time we finished her sonogram she was wanting to see more of her child. Since she was only 4 or 5 weeks along we could only see limited features on the monitor. So, we scheduled a follow-up appointment at which she was able to see her 7 week old baby in much more detail. When she saw her baby’s heart beating she said, “oh my gosh, that’s in me?” She became excited and said, “no matter who the father is, I’m going to keep this baby.” She went on to give the baby an endearing  nick-name. The details of this patient’s life-style may seem foreign to some of our readers. I can only imagine what has transpired in the woman’s life to bring her to such a place for her to choose to be sexually active with multiple partners. 

Pregnancy Care Center does not condone these choices, but neither do we condemn our  patients! Our approach is one of “providing the truth with love, professional care and the Word of God” in order to offer hope to at risk people.
The entire Pregnancy Care Center team prays for every single person that comes through our  front door. If we didn’t have God, His Son and Holy Spirit on our side it would seem hopeless.  By standing with PCC you are participating with us right here on the front lines. Please  continue to lift us and our patients up in prayer. Pray for the restoration of the family, a revival  in our culture and for those caught in the incredible situations that put them in unplanned  pregnancy situations.  

We call ultrasound "the window to the womb" because of story's just like this. Ultrasound is the single most powerful way that we can help our patients see and connect with the life inside of them. Want to change the lives of generations? Click below!