Life Care Newsletter July-September

Advancing Together

   Can you imagine the power of God, faithful christians, ultrasound technology and professionals all working together to make a great thing happen? That’s exactly what happened when our heroes of PCC provided a beautiful new exam table for use in our medical clinic. 
  We made an appeal and some dedicated friends of PCC stepped up and purchased an exam table that, as soon as it arrived, we prayed over and dedicated it for our ultrasound exam room. 
   Our very first mom who used the exam table was abortion minded, scared and quite reserved. She shared with us that the father was not in favor of keeping the baby and the odds were stacking up against the choice for life. 
  After the ultrasound her countenance changed and she began sharing her plans and even appeared relieved that she was seeing her baby. I was happy that we were able to pray with her as well. At a later appointment she told us that the father was coming around to the idea of keeping their child. I know that it is hard to understand sometimes how people process these seemingly cut and dried issues regarding the life of their own unborn children. I can only say that I thank God every day that I am on the team with all of you by showing men and women the reality of their unborn children and offering them hope. It is an honor working with God to bring alternatives and truth to our most vulnerable expecting mothers and fathers. 


Care Net: Learn the Truth About What Happens in America's Pregnancy Centers

This report reveals the guidelines governing pregnancy centers’ work and the specifics of how they operate.

LANSDOWNE, Va., October 4, 2016 -- Care Net, a nonprofit ministry that supports one of the nation's largest network of pregnancy centers, has released a new data- and story-driven report detailing the work of the thousands of community-based organizations around the country that are often referred to as “crisis pregnancy centers.”

Through data collected over the last 8 years from its network of over 1,100 affiliated pregnancy centers, the report illuminates the impact these centers have on women, men, families, and the communities they serve. Additionally, by putting a spotlight on Care Net’s standards of affiliation and the commitment of care and competence to which its affiliates agree, the report reveals the guidelines governing pregnancy centers’ work and the specifics of how they operate.

The report covers various aspects of pregnancy center operations, including location, advertising and signage, phone answering, and client feedback. This detailed look at their work illustrates why they have become some of the most trusted local organizations in the communities in which they operate. For example, the report shows that at least 97% of Care Net-affiliated pregnancy center clients have reported positive experiences after their visits.

Accordingly, the report details the confidential, compassionate, and free services these clients – women and men seeking assistance with unexpected, unplanned, or unexpectedly complicated pregnancies – receive. For example, between 2008 and 2015, Care Net-affiliated centers have provided 823,186 free ultrasound scans, 2.3 million free pregnancy tests, and over 940,000 people have received parenting support and education, and nearly 1.4 million people have received material resources.

The value of the services provided by Care Net-affiliated pregnancy centers was over $56 million in both 2014 and 2015; this amounts to over $112 million in free services for women, men, and families in the last two years. In 2015, for example, Care Net-affiliated centers provided $32,634,880 in free health services, such as ultrasounds, to the women and men they serve. Many of these services are provided in low-income and at-risk neighborhoods, offering families a way to get critical resources and support at no cost during a challenging time in their lives.

The report comes at a time when unfounded speculation about the work of pregnancy centers has become common from abortion supporters. In contrast to the conjecture provided by critics of pregnancy centers, the information in this report is based on widely collected data, client satisfaction surveys covering thousands of people, analysis of agreed-upon standards and practices, and stories from real clients. For example, critics of pregnancy centers often indicate that centers “appear” to be medical but are not. However, as this report outlines, whenever pregnancy centers offer medical services, such as ultrasounds, they function under the authority and direction of a licensed physician who is in good standing with the physician’s state licensing board; they only utilize trained and licensed medical professionals to perform medical procedures; and they carry sufficient medical liability coverage for the center and all medical personnel (unless they have their own coverage).

The report introduces fact-based analysis about the work and impact of pregnancy centers, and gives communities data-driven information on which to base their decisions about the services that are available to them through pregnancy centers. Most of the information in the report is already publicly available, but this report presents it in one place to give more context and a deeper understanding of the depth, breadth, and impact of pregnancy center work.

Life Care Newsletter Oct-Dec 2016

The Joy of blessing others

I am sure you have heard what Jesus said; “It is a greater blessing to give than receive”. At PCC, each time someone walks through our doors we experience that joy. Our faithful supporters and volunteers make this possible. 
   I’d like to share one such supporter’s story. About a year ago a gentleman came into the clinic. He wanted to donate a diamond wedding ring to our center to bless someone else in need. We accepted this unique gift and began to pray about what to do with it. 
   Many of our moms who come to us for help are unwed; we always encourage them to bring the father of the baby with them, if possible, to their appointments. Our goal is to encourage and advocate for abundant life for them as a family unit if that is possible. 
   As it happened, we had a young couple come in for an ultrasound who, when they saw the monitor and a picture of their baby, were overcome with emotion and excitement. It was a powerful moment for the couple to see their baby wiggling and hear the heartbeat of their child!

 As our Patient Care Assistant talked with them, they shared that they wanted to get married. They had already picked out a wedding dress; the only thing holding them back was that they didn’t have a ring. We mentioned that we might be able to help, and they both lit up with curiosity. It was a Cinderella moment when the ring was brought in and it fit perfectly! We could hear the sound of wedding bells as we shared in the excitement! 
   PCC is more than a medical clinic or counseling center; we support the entire life of our visitors and everything they are facing. Thanks to all who support and pray for us so regularly. 
Sandy Moon, RDMS
Clinic Director

Celebrating 25 Years!

Pregnancy Care Center has a rich history of God’s people coming together to defend the most innocent! This year truly is a celebration year of how He is working through many businesses, churches, and individuals to impact our community in life affirming ways. One of those individuals who is making a positive impact for the community is Rhonda Watson, who’s celebrating 25 years as Executive Director!  

"What I appreciate so much about Rhonda is her heart for and total commitment to Pregnancy Care Center and how she allows God to work through her to minister to the needs of others. I know I speak for the entire Board of Directors when I say that we thank God for Rhonda"
- Stephanie Tietje, Board Chair  
I am the vine. You are the branches. If I remain in you, and you in me, you will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing.
— 1 John 15:5

Pregnancy Care Center Quarterly Update

Our hearts are filled with gratitude & thanksgiving for the many fabulous ways God is championing moms and dads at PCC through YOU! 

  • Very first WLJN Radio Dare to Share Event: We exceeded our fundraising goal of $22,800 thanks to WLJN and YOU!
  • First ever Eat Bread to Raise Dough Panera Bread Fundraiser: A fabulous opportunity for supporters in the community to come together, eat amazing food and support life! We raised almost $450 and had 170 flyers cashed in. Thanks Panera Bread Traverse City!
  • We had our most successful Baby Bottle Boomerang ever: $47,800 and counting raised for the Ultrasound Ministry. Thank you to all of the churches and individuals who took part in this amazing event! 
  • Ongoing social media outreach to women & men who need our services as well as friends and supporters who make Pregnancy Care Center's goals a reality! Check us out!