The Sanctuary Project

Your safe and peaceful haven; a comforting place of refuge and rest in a noisy, chaotic world. 



We can't even begin to describe it. The remarks, the expressions of surprise and peaceful relief, and the freely offered opinions by patients explaining how everything makes them feel so loved. The Sanctuary Project has already been used by God FAR ABOVE our expectations!

September of 2019 marked the one-year anniversary of PCC's Sanctuary Project completion!!! Our hearts have been swelling up and overflowing with praise for what God is doing. And we can't come close to adequately describing how thankful we are to every single person who invested so much of their time, talent and treasures. Every prayer prayed, item sponsored, piece that was hand-crafted, fixture installed, paintbrush lifted, donation given, and hour invested in this - we could not have done this alone. We put together a before and after video, so that you can see the incredible transformation for yourself!


What started off as simply painting a wall or two, quickly turned into something far deeper than just cosmetics. One patient said that she knew there was something different about this place as soon as she walked through our door. She felt loved and safe. An hour later, she accepted Jesus as her Savior! We know that this is the work of the Holy Spirit and that He is using all of this to establish trust and communicate His message to our patients. And God is already using the Sanctuary Project to open new doors and lead us forward - this is just the beginning!

We could tell you story after story! Every patient gets the chance to fill out a survey on their experience with us, and there is an optional section where they can leave a written comment as well. We have received SO MANY incredible comments about the building, but here are a few of our favorites:

“Loving the renovations being made here. I suffer from anxiety and coming in today with the new colors and warming feel I feel calm. Thank you!” - Female Patient

“Everyone was very pleasant and professional. The décor was warm and relaxing.” - Male Patient

“I love how it looks here. Very comfy and homey. Felt really relaxed and comfortable. Love the new update and everyone who works here. Very friendly staff.” - Female Patient

“The environment was very comfortable.” - Male Patient

“Everyone was very kind and the center felt home-like and welcoming.” - Female Patient

“Very warm and extremely friendly building and employees.” - Male Patient

“Makes you feel at home!” - Female Patient

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making a bigger impact than you'll probably every know this side of Heaven. We are blessed by you and cannot wait to share with you what the next steps are!

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. - Ephesians 3:20-21


Room-by-Room Descriptions, Photos & Sponsors


The First Impression Area

This area includes the entrance, reception, waiting room and transition area.

First impressions are so important and we wanted our patients to walk in and be blown away by the beauty and light they feel. We desire this area to send the message that they are valuable and loved. No matter what.

Sponsored by:

  • Annie Norris

  • Sara & Steve Stargardt

  • hannah scott

Reception Area: $415.66  

Sponsored by:

  • sarah clark

  • Bradley Hahn

  • anne Norris

  • jane riness

  • Joanna riness

  • ohana group



The Patient Bathroom is surprisingly important - this is a space for our patients to be completely alone, allowing them to take time to breath and process privately. Here, we want to blow them away with how they were so thought of before they even came in. This room gives us a perfect opportunity to pamper them and help them forget their struggles for a short time. 


Total cost: $734.89 
Cost REMAINing: $0

this room is entirely sponsored!

with joyful hearts, we thank:

  • faith reformed youth ministries

  • new hope community church

  • ruth law

  • Emily morrison

  • anne Norris

  • ohana group

  • Joanna riness

  • paul simpkins


Maddy Klingelsmith's & Jeannie heystek’s Office

total cost: $247

cost remaining: $0

this room is completely sponsored!

with joyful hearts, we thank:

the ohana group


Waiting room

This space will be clean and refreshing. Something simple where they can relax and let their mind clear while they wait.


total cost: $309.09
cost remaining: $0 


With Joyful hearts, we thank:

  • Anne Norris

  • Harvest Bible Chapel 20's Ministry 

  • Ian Newberry

  • Katharine Lezon

  • Natalie White



total cost: $190.79

cost remaining: $0 this room is completely sponsored!

with joyful hearts, we thank:

the ohana group



Patient Care Room

This is where patients get the opportunity to pour out their hearts; fears, apprehensions, hopes and struggles. This is also where we have the biggest opportunity to encourage, inspire and empower them. We want this room to be cozy, real and full of hope.

Total cost: $1,097.96  
Cost REMAINing: $0 This room is totally sponsored!

with joyful hearts, we thank:

  • harvest bible chapel 20’s ministry

  • bill clark

  • Bradley Hahn

  • ian & whitney newberry

  • anne Norris

  • esther rillema

  • jane rinses

  • Joanna rinses

  • annalisa wiesner


exam room

This is where ultrasounds are done and often where patients first recognize the value of their baby! We especially want to create a safe and gentle atmosphere in this room, where patients can focus on the beauty of what is happening.

Total cost: $390.05  
Cost REMAINing: $0 This room is totally sponsored! 

with joyful hearts, we Thank:

  • the knights of columbus, Council #1213

  • Jasmine Bower

  • Tabitha Korson

  • Pat & Patty kelsey


Transition Area

This is the space between rooms where patients transition. It will be as free of clutter and confusion as possible, while decorated with simple beauty and encouraging artwork. 

Total cost: $306.11  
Cost REMAINing: $0

this room is totally sponsored!

with joyful hearts, we thank:

  • ohana group

  • anne norris


nurse's station

The Nurse's Station is not used by patients, but is often visible by them. Paint and countertop updates will help create a consistent flow as patients walk by, and additional storage space will help declutter both the Exam Room and the Patient Care Room.

Total cost: $192.99  
Cost REMAINing: $0 This room is completely sponsored!

with joyful hearts, we Thank:
the knights of columbus, Council #1213


Rhonda's office - Executive Director

Total Cost: $804.02 cost remaining: $0.00


with joyful hearts, we Thank:

  • The Charles M. Bauervic Foundation 

  • Benjamin Law 



patient services office

joanna riness & jasmine bower's office

The inside of this office is clearly visible by all who come to the Reception Area. It is also occasionally used to make patient appointments. It will be clean, fresh and encouraging!