Campaign Against Pregnancy Care Centers: A Call to Prayer Warriors

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In an effort to discredit and shut down pregnancy centers, especially those of us that are medical clinics, National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL Pro-choice America) have joined with over 40 organizations across the US to "expose fake clinics". This is nothing new, in fact, these attacks have gone on since the first pregnancy center opened in the early 70s. However, with technology and social media, the modern day impact can be further reaching and happen on a larger scale. This particular campaign, or "plan of attack" is set to run from October 23rd through October 28th 2017. Their key strategies are to enlist as many people as possible to:                       

1) Call pregnancy centers and pose as a fake client or friend/family of a client in order to catch pregnancy center staff in giving inaccurate or incomplete information.

2) Visit pregnancy centers in person and do the same as mentioned above. 

3) After calling or visiting a pregnancy center as a "fake" client, post a review on the clinic's website, Facebook page, Google Business or Yelp page. This review will more than likely be a negative and untruthful one. 

4) Review pregnancy center websites and report any "issues" to the Federal Trade Commission 

5) Picket/protest outside pregnancy centers during the campaign duration 

The following is an excerpt from the "Expose Fake Clinics" website showing how this group of Pro-choicers are motivating people to take part in this campaign: 

"...they [pregnancy centers] use phony ads to trick pregnant people into making an appointment, promising “free ultrasounds” or “pregnancy support.” Once inside, people are lied to, shamed, and pressured about their reproductive health decisions, often delaying their procedure or pushing them past the deadline for a legal abortion altogether. CPCs are often made to look like medical facilities, yet they don't practice medicine (outside of an occasional ultrasound or STI test), nor do they use medical facts or standardized ethics. More and more, these predatory places are funded by taxpayer dollarsimpacting poor women and people of color the hardest." 

For over 25 years, Pregnancy Care Center Traverse City has valued truth and honesty above all and will continue to do the following:

So many people at different clinics look at you with those judging eyes. I didn’t feel that way here. It was a very professional setting and staff that made me feel comfortable. I am so glad I chose to come here.
— Pregnancy Care Center TC Patient Quote
  • Provide professional services and information in a truthful, accurate and caring manner throughout ALL areas of our ministry, including but not limited to: face to face, online, printed materials, ads and over the phone. 
  • Continue to provide services within the boundaries of all federal, state and local laws and standard practices.
  • Understand and present the scope of Pregnancy Care Center's services. This includes what we do AND do not offer. Eg. Pregnancy Care Center does not perform abortions, nor do we offer abortion referrals. The ultrasound we provide is performed to confirm pregnancy, not to diagnose problems with the baby or the mother. We do not provide prenatal care. 

WHAT YOU CAN DO: We are asking our prayer warriors to join us in praying for God's truth to be revealed through this attack. That God put up walls of protection around targeted pregnancy centers all over the US and that the blinds be lifted off of the eyes of the Pro-choice community organizing this campaign. We also want to pray for the safety of everyone involved in the pickets/protests that will be happening throughout this campaign. Thank you for supporting Pregnancy Care Center Traverse City and for joining us in praying throughout this campaign.